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A Hair Revolution

It’s a grey world out there. Boring for most people. So we try to add spice. Your hair can look like everyone else... or it can set you ablaze. At Hair Mooods we aim for the latter. The way you look is how you feel.

Should you feel boring and tired? Or alive and wired? You know the answer and we do too.

“Alive” is what we bring to you...

Cut & Style

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At Hair Mooods we’re up to date on the latest trends, techniques, and style. You want a tight cut, razored with texturing. More importantly, you want what you want, and that’s exactly what you get. After your style, we’ll finish out with curls, waves, or even with our GlamPalm tools. Plus we pull from our 80’s experience for blowaves and setting!

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Hair Mooods stylists have loads of creative techniques for colouring, lightening, and enhanced hair designs. We find the individual ‘you’ under all that hair, and bring it to the surface. Pastels, brights, vegan hair dye, MANIC PANIC! It’s all the colours of the rainbow and they’re yours to play with. From soft demi and solid permanent to grey coverage, highlights and even just subtle toning - NAK colours cover it all and keeps you looking fine.

To Dye For


Flowing Waves

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Perming is one of the most unique and underrated styles. A proper perm has roots in the 80’s and you won’t find many stylists who can do it right. Lucky for you, our team draws from the 80’s (we lived it) and we know all the tricks. Body, texture, softwaves -- Plus we use large rollers and gentle solutions to keep the Frizz out! Oh yeah, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. We do temporary curls and waves using GlamPalm Hot Irons for one-n-done occasions.

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At Hair Mooods we’ve got In-Salon and take-home treatments for all hair types. NAK Colour Fix is an instant treatment used to preserve and protect freshly coloured hair to create condition, softness, body and shine. NAK Structure Complex is designed to use with our chemical services to shield and protect your hair from structural stress. NAK 60 second Ultimate Treatment is applied in-salon along with a relaxing head massage or as a take-home treatment, so it's quick and easy for those short on time. Just 60 seconds to WOW you look great!

Treated Right

Defining Beauty

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Compliment your new style with eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping, and even lip and chin waxing because why should your hair have all the fun?

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We use NAK sulphate and paraben free cleansing, conditioning, and styling products to keep you feeling great. Never tested on animals and Australian owned and made -- NAK products are designed exclusively for professional salons like ours to nourish your hair and bring out your truest tones and colours.

Brilliant By Design

GlamPalm Clinic

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Shorten your styling time and keep your hair looking fab with GlamPalm Clinic. Clinic, GlamPalm's Signature styler with Clinic Mode and Nano-Vibration Technology completely transforms your look and style. Some might call it a ‘game changer.’ We’ve got it in store now!

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Want to show off your personal style? Want to blow minds with knockout shades? #MANICPANIC


Sisters and singers, Tish & Snookie were NYC rockers through and through. They were also part of the Blondie lineup who kicked off the late 70’s punk scene. Today Tish & Snookie are known for MANIC PANIC -- an internationally renowned hair colour & cosmetics company, trusted by the brightest personalities looking for the best shades in the world.

High Voltage

MANIC PANIC colours electrify your style. Shine like neon lights at midnight.

Attitude Amplified

When you want to stand up and shout to the world, ‘This is me!’ MANIC PANIC helps your voice be heard.

Classic Colours

When you need something a bit more reserved, MANIC PANIC delivers classic style with a punch.

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I have been having my hair cut at Hair Mooods for 11 years now! In all that time I’ve never even bothered with shopping around or finding another hair dresser to go to, even when at times, the salon is quite a trek from where I live. Di has a real talent with hair and has been so helpful over the years not just with cuts but also with any products that would suit my hair and how to continue looking after it at home. I’ve never once walked out of the salon disappointed with my haircut and often talk about the salon with friends who are looking for somewhere to go. I look forward to many more years of hair cuts at Hair Mooods, not just a regular salon but always a great place to unwind and feel welcomed. It is evident, the hairdressers at this salon take pride in their work & I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!

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